Our Philosophy
Venita Clinic is the intention of Dr. Kobkan Junhasavasdikul (Dr. Aom) and Dr. Tipatat Junhasavasdikul (Dr. Pong) who become a holistic health doctors that is warm and able to take care of health. of all patients with a combination of treatment approaches
Our doctor believes that life and health is a balance. A balanced life leads to good health. The doctor's treatment therefore does not focus on prescribing medication and treating physical symptoms. but linked to psychological care and the patient's family as well.


Dr. Aom and Dr. Pong therefore pay attention to food and nutrition. From detecting what food allergies each patient has in order to adjust the diet to suit that person

Combined with knowledge of food and functional nutrition, personal food arrangements according to Thai traditional medicine guidelines to nutrition therapy, traditional Chinese medicine while still account to the art of cooking to make healthy food delicious and feel enjoyable too, Dr. Aom then went to study the Oriental Professional Thai Chef program or the chef course at the Oriental Hotel. As many people may be familiar with Mor Aom as the owner of the Healthy Flavor restaurant, which offers a full range of healthy food.







with the knowledge of holistic health Dr. Pong - Dr. Aom had their root from “Balavi Natural Treatment Center” as second generation of doctor's family, our doctor has 40 years of acculmulated experience taking care of patients in detoxification, Detox, yoga, and Qi-gong health courses.


Our core value is to make service as Humanized Medicine or medicine that focuses on humanity. We therefore have activities for the sick as well.
- Art
- Music
- Exercise
- flower arrangement

Including an in-depth Biography consultation that helps you find out if many illnesses in the present How is it connected to childhood experiences? and can make a more detailed treatment plan as well


Our ultimate goal is to give patients a balanced lifestyle.